Leila Rasheed: children’s author

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She likes yellow

Hello! My name is Leila and I write all kinds of books and stories for children and teenagers. In the ten years since I was first published, I have written
fiction and non-fiction
short stories and long novels
funny books and exciting books
– books about history, magic and science.

My most recent book, just out in 2019, is a children’s biography of the incredible Katherine Johnson, an American mathematician who helped send men to the Moon despite living in a time of enormous challenges for Black Americans and women.  A life story: Katherine Johnson is published by Scholastic. Out soon: The Smiling Stones, in Rising Stars’ Reading Planet series, about an Egyptian boy who outwits an Egyptologist who wants to steal statues from his village.

Cover of Katherine Johnson: A Life story

Katherine Johnson: A Life story by Leila Rasheed

smiling stones

The Smiling Stones by Leila Rasheed